UFO Extreme exciting new webisodes series
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UFO Extreme is a sci-fi reality web series about Paranormal Investigators
who capture UFOs and paranormal
events on videotape.
Over the course of a five day investigation in Topanga Canyon, California
we follow Danichi, Brandon, Jennifer, Anastasia and Sean Crayton
as they encounter and
document remarkable UFOs.
Paranormal events were documented as they occurred. 
UFO Extreme Ep 1 (3:22)
Meet the ASI investigation team and learn why they are passionate about capturing UFOs on videotape. We meet Danichi, Sean Crayton, Brandon Scott, Jennifer Patton and Anastasia Davidov. They receive a phone call from an alarmed woman who thinks she may have seen a UFO. The investigators decide to investigate the case and set out for Topanga Canyon, which sets the tone and urgency for the webisode series.

UFO Extreme Ep 2 (3:34)
ASI Investigators travel on an expedition to a UFO Hotspot in Topanga Canyon, California. Upon arriving they set up video cameras under the supervision of Sean Crayton and use his technique of capturing UFOs in broad daylight. During the course
of their investigation they have an enounter with a shocking phenomenon.




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