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UFO Extreme is a sci-fi reality web series about Paranormal Investigators who capture UFOs and paranormal events on videotape. Over the course of a five day investigation in Topanga Canyon, California we follow Danichi, Brandon, Jennifer, Anastasia and Sean Crayton as they encounter and document remarkable UFOs. Paranormal events were documented as they occurred. 

UFO Extreme ASI Ep 5 (3:30)
We meet ASI investigator trainee Tiger Kinnear, who stresses Brandon for getting lost and being late for their trip into Topanga Canyon. Brandon contacts author Preston Dennett ("UFOs Over Topanga Canyon") and he agrees to show them where the UFO hotspots are in the area. He takes them on a mysterious and suspensful journey high up into the hills of Topanga where they prepare for paranormal events.

UFO Extreme ASI Ep 6 (3:16)
Preston Dennett, author of "UFO's Over Topanga Canyon" leads the ASI investigators to the top of a ridge called "Entrada" known to be a UFO hotspot. After leading the investigators up to a place where many UFO sightings have been documented, Preston shares with them the danger of being a UFO investigator. They hike up the slope of the Topanga Canyon hillside to a place where a fifty foot ship had landed. The paranormal events haven't happened yet, but everyone can feel that something is about to break.





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