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UFO Extreme is a sci-fi reality web series about Paranormal Investigators who capture UFOs and paranormal events on videotape.
Over the course of a five day investigation in Topanga Canyon, California we follow Danichi, Brandon, Jennifer, Anastasia and
Sean Crayton as they encounter and
document remarkable UFOs.
Paranormal events were documented as they occurred. 


UFO Extreme ASI Ep 7 (3:41)
The ASI Investigators conduct a group focus/meditation lead by Author and UFO Investigator Preston Dennett who has investigated over 100 UFO encounters in Topgana Canyon. The intention of the group focus/meditation is to bring down a UFO that can be captured on videotape. Preston has personally had many UFO encounters in Topganga Canyon and he appears to a be a "magnet" for attracting
UFOs in the area.

At the outset of their group meditation, a series of paranormal events occur that adversely affect the investigators and presents an alarming outcome to the investigation that is documented and captured on videotape.


UFO Extreme ASI Ep 8 (5:06)
The ASI investigators experience paranormal encounters that are witnessed by the entire team. It starts with an odd humming sounds that all the investigators hear at the same time. Upon arriving the base camp, Danichi demonstrates a paranormal event that he had involving his compass spinning 360 degree revolutions. The investigators confirm that the paranormal events happened simultaneously to what they encountered on the mountain at the same time they capture an alien surveillance probe on tape. They all experienced nausea, the humming sounds and altered behavior. Danichi receives a psychic premonition about a Porsche sports car in peril and he races to a mountain road where he witnesses a Porsche flipping and crashing. The investigators believe this event could be a result of the alien probes they captured on videotape just minutes before.




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